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King Talent
King Talent (Julius McGowen)
... has had one of the most non-traditional careers a performer could possibly have. He spent the first several years of his career living out of a beat up 1988 Nissan Sentra while travelling the United States staging everything from improvisational comedy shows to Shakespeare. His introduction to comedy came in the early '90s as a performer and emcee with Naked Comedy in Las Vegas. Later he would form his own theatrical company and continue to stage plays throughout the Southwest while also writing and directing TV commercials for McAlister Television. While in North Carolina in 1999 he wrote, directed and was featured as Groucho Marx in the revue Why a Duck? In 2004 he formed Baby Hippopotamus Productions and has since written and performed in our productions of SHE SAID MAYBE, ABNORMAL STEW and WEASEL EROTICA. While developing his own one-man show, King discovered the world of stand-up comedy and, being one to never shy away from a challenge, began to venture away from the world of independent theatre and deep into the world of the comic. He has two children, Derek and Ty, who mean the world to him and are the source of his smile. It's all about the Baby Hippopotamus!