©Jason Unfried
Peter Schuyler
This is Peter's 4th time on stage with Dysfunctional and his 3rd time as a reindeer (Donner 2006, Dasher 2005). He swears they're putting something in his drink. Peter is a board member of NativeAliens Theatre Collective and an associated artist with Immediate Theater Co. Next spring he will be directing the world premiere of Mastiphicus Meglodon by Daniel B. Keleher for NativeAliens. Favorite Roles--in NYC: Menelaus in Orestes 2.0, Trent Lott and Strom's Father in Strom Thurmond is Not a Racist/Cleansed (NYIT nominee - Best Play), Titus Andronicus in Titus X: The Punk Rock Musical (NYIT nominee Best Musical) Endicott in The Front Page, and Henry Clerval in Frankenstein. Regional: Ray in Lonestar, Dromio of Syracusa in A Comedy of Errors, and Col. Pickering in My Fair Lady. He'd like to thank the Dysfunctionals for bringing him back, Dawn for her love and infinite patience, and his father. Enjoy the show.