Jordana Oberman
Look for the 07' 08' release of Jordana's upcoming Indie Feature "ornaments" (Julie Tollman), Produced by Apple Cart Productions at Most recently seen in 2007 Midtown International Theatre Festival "Addicted to Christmas" and "Love and Israel"; FHB Production's "Avalon" based on the book The Mists of Avalon (Morgaine) which she won Best Actress 06 from NY's Spotlight On Awards, MITF '06 "Countdown" (Rosie), Vital Theatre Company's "Sorrento" (Dorrie), "The Lower East Side Project" (Helen) at the George Street Playhouse, Nick Buzzle Television's "This One Guy" (Karen), "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Bottom), Vital Theatre Company's "Spanky" (Christine), and "Much Ado About Nothing" (Don Jon). Master's from Tisch School of the Arts.