Bobby Holder
Director / Writer / Actor
Bobby is the Founder and the Artistic Director of The Actor's Project NYC. He has written, directed, performed, and produced several original theatrical productions in NYC: 3-D Improv NYC, What's a Vampire (a black comedy at Grove St. Playhouse), and LMNOP (an original two-character play). Bobby has had eight original plays produced: Screams of the Butterflies, Understand Me, Scandal in NYC, The Imagination Window, Mother-Son-Daughter-Neighbor-Neighbor's Son-Maid-And the Telephone Man, My Big Brother, Confused in Florida, Storm in Alabama. Bobby graduated with a B.A. in Theatre from the University of West Florida and toured for five years with different theatre companies (Rep Theatre of America, C Theatre). He has performed in almost every state in the Union in plays ranging from the melo-drama The Drunkard to Peter Shaffer's Black Comedy. He has appeared in commercials (Nickelodean, Hart's Fried Chicken, etc.) and several independent films such as: I the Eye (Korean Festival Winner), Bad Bye, and Victory (Directed by award-winning director Donghoon Park). His New York stage credits range from Fick in Balm and Gilead to Woodruff Gately in Private Wars. He has also written and performed for ABC's television morning show Daybuster's. Bobby has studied with various renowned coaches (Gwynn Gilis, Robert McCaskill, Ellen Manning) in Manhattan; most recently the reputable author and acting coach Glenn Alterman.