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Rob Lok
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Rob Lok is a graduate of the famed Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College where he earned his Bachelor of Buffoonery. After being the first Chinese American Clown to tour in the US, Mexico and Canada with "The Greatest Show on Earth", he returns to New York City. His career has ranged from small American circuses, variety shows and cruise lines to riding a motorcycle on a high wire at the Steel Pier.

Rob has created several different theatrical pieces incorporating the use of physical theater and circus. This includes Revolutionary Chickens , Love Bites , and A Sawdust Enema .

Living the life of a pseudo-movie star, Rob is an ensemble member of the acclaimed physical theater company, Bond Street Theatre.

A highlight of their work? Teaching circus workshops, clowning, and youth work at refugee camps, orphanages,and Roma gyspy villages in Kosovo and the Balkans the last few years.