Actor Headshots/Bios Are Multi-Purpose and Reusable

  • The Publicist/Administrator may setup an Actor's Bio page independantly. However, by inputtting the Actor's email address into his/her Profile, the actor will receive an email message with a link that will allow creating a password and editing the site.
  • The Actors' Headshots/Bios are automatically formatted into both a stand alone site which is suitable for promotional use and a related thumbnail for creating the production's online program;
  • Actor Web Sites are reuable components. When the actor appears in a new production, the existing Headshot/Bio can be easilty updated and added to the new production.

Click on the names of the Actors in the Toolbar/Menu above to see samples of actual sites created by the actors themselves. Then, Experiment with the Edit Mode to convince yourself that this is going to be fun!