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Open: 07/12/22- Close: 07/12/22 POTTY TRAINING WITH JOEY RINALDI
Comedian Joey Rinaldi makes his Off-Broadway debut with his hit one man show Potty Training  which will be at the 59E59 Theaters' East To Edinburgh Festival before he goes across the pond to perform it at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest in Scotland. 

About Potty Training: As a teenager, Joey didn’t expect to be in a hospital bed from a near-death penis injury with three traumatic surgeries, two clumsy catheters, and one overwhelming desire to wreak hormonal havoc. Over a decade later, Joey lives to share the outrageous and humiliating details of being the only kid at school who peed into a urine bag while battling the church and his tormented mom.

Joey Rinaldi Bio: Joey Rinaldi is New York City based stand up comedian known for his long form personal storytelling.

59E59 Theaters : 59 East 59th Street