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Open: 07/08/22- Close: 07/30/22 THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE
"A Classic Tale of Law & Order Versus Intimidation & Violence in the Old West”

When Ransome Foster, a scholar from New York City, first came to the town of Twotrees he arrived bloody and beaten. Yet after a quick recovery and a promise to a young woman to help her learn to read, Foster begins to change the small town he starts to call home with love & education. 

This catches the attention of Liberty Valance, an outlaw who seeks to restore his view of” the norms of society” through terror & bloodshed.  Suddenly, Foster finds himself on a collision course with the experienced gunman forcing him to make a choice: to run or to stand up for what he believes in, to live or to fight for what is right…

Gene Frankel Theater : 24 Bond Street