Genre: Comedy, Drama
Two Short Plays Directed By Bobby Holder

Life Boat - The Tina Xenos Show (comedy)
Seconds - A Short Play by Stephen Lemay (drama)

October 8th, 2007
TBG Arts Center
TBG Mainstage Theatre
312 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor
@7:30 PM

Life Boat- The Tina Xenos Show
Life Boat is a comedic, short, one-woman show "directed by a homosexual director/writer" where Tina Xenos searches for true love and takes the audience on a journey to visit some of the crazy, opinionated characters in her life such as: Aunt Sophia- a lovely,older Greek woman- who loves to tell children the Greek myths of divine punishment;Chuck – a redneck- who thinks the Trojan War was a fight over condoms; and
Aunt Stella – a not-so lovely Greek older woman- who loves to give advice and bitch about life.
(Approximate running time: 25minutes)

Seconds: A Short Play by Stephen Lemay
Seconds is a fast-paced dramatic play about relationships and the damage they sometimes cause. The audience will have a glimpse of beautiful, troubled, young adults tangling with the awkward intimacies of modern romance. (Approximate running time: 45minutes.)

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