Tada Theatre

Todays Date: 02/22/19
Last Update: 02/21/19 02:32:20 PM

Address: 15 West 28th Street
New York, NY   

Location: South side of 28th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues
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Closest subway: N,R to 28th Street; walk east to the theatre

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MIRANDA FROM STORMVILLE  | Open: 03/14/19 Close: 03/24/19
In small town New Jersey, somewhere off the Garden State Parkway, a great storm is raging. But inside their little house, Miranda Milano watches the once magical energy drain from her Pops eyes. Their dormant life is shocked awake by the arrival of two young men, stranded by car trouble, who cause a shift in the fabric of the family’s life. But is their random arrival actually random at all?

Miranda from Stormville asks: how do we escape circumstances we can’t avoid? How do we continue on when hope is lost? Just miles outside New York City, Miranda’s rural America may as well be a stranded island: is she destined to only experience life through the books she constantly devours? Or does her ailing father, with his self-professed powers, and a caretaker with a flair for the dramatic have bigger plans in store?

The cast features Anna Cain, Brendan Cataldo, James A Pierce III, Mackenzie Menter, Gabe Templin and Richard Wayne.

Produced by Random Access Theatre - Part of IRT’s 3B Development Series

NEW WORK SERIES 2019  | Open: 02/27/19 Close: 03/17/19
The New Work Series is a developmental series featuring new musicals, plays, solo-shows and dance pieces. Over 50 shows (in various stages of development) will be presented over the course of 3 weeks.

This year’s line-up showcases a wide range of topics including, Japanese dance, dating after 50, a close-knit Pentecostal family, a female coal miner, transitioning, politics, ex Mormon’s, coming-of-age stories, and a dead armadillo.

Visit the theater any evening during Emerging Artists New Work Series and you will find yourself transported in a number of surprising ways: by a single performer embodying a whole host of characters; by a company showcasing traditional and non-traditional dance from another country; by a cozy two-person show exploring relationships; or perhaps by a bouncy new musical that will have you humming. Each show is followed by a brief talkback that allows artists to get feedback from the audience.