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Open: 02/12/19- Close: 03/02/19 Bonnie's Last Flight
BONNIE’S LAST FLIGHT is a three-part play set on a plane. Our audience makes the trip as passengers: sitting on the tarmac before takeoff, floating at cruising altitude, and buckling down for the wild and rocky descent back to land. 


It’s Jan’s retirement flight. Everyone knows, except for Greig, Jan’s best friend and coworker of many years. As Greig waxes nostalgic, Jan worries about life post-retirement. LeeAnne, a klutzy newbie flight attendant with a dark past, must avoid her ex on the plane while Captain, a waggish pilot with a weakness for unlimited Bloody Mary Brunches, is caught in a love triangle. Erik, the co-pilot with a heart of gold, can’t get a word in edgewise. Presiding over the flight is Mark Twain, of course.

New York Theatre Workshop Fourth Street : 83 East 4th Street
Open: 02/21/19- Close: 02/21/19 Schimmel Center at Pace University presents 1964 The Tribute
Schimmel Center at Pace University


1964 The Tribute
Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 7:30pm


"Best Beatles tribute on Earth"

                        - Rolling Stone


Pace University, Michael Schimmel Center : 3 Spruce Street
Open: 02/20/19- Close: 03/02/19 The Maturation Of An Inconvenient Negro
 Wednesday, February 20 and run through March 2 at the Cherry Lane Theatre (38 Commerce Street, NYC).  Tickets are $25  and can be purchased by visiting or by calling 866-811-4111.


This solo show of heightened poetry and raw self-reflection takes the audience on the subversive journey of a young Black man coming into himself, as he struggles to break free of what he holds onto most tightly. In The Maturation of an Inconvenient Negro No one is safe. Nothing is sacred.

Cherry Lane Theatre : 38 Commerce St.