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Open: 04/25/18- Close: 06/14/18 GYPSY DANGER PRESENTS: STRAIGHT TO VIDEO
After several years as a headlining house team at The PIT, Gypsy Danger is bringing their unique brand of improv to The Tank

Based on a suggestion from the audience, a spin of their “Wheel of Genres,” and utilizing the tropes and cliches of Hollywood, Gypsy Danger will improvise a never-before-seen movie!  Possibilities include a traditional romantic comedy, a lakeside slasher horror, a bleak Southern Gothic drama or anything in between!

About the Company: Gypsy Danger

Gypsy Danger specializes in fully committed spontaneously created live on stage movies.  With the help of an audience suggestion and a spin on their Wheel of Genres you never know what will happen.

Tank @ 36th Street : 312 West 36th Street
Open: 04/24/18- Close: 04/24/18 MADE TO DANCE IN BURNING BUILDINGS
Made to Dance in Burning Buildings is about Ava, a young black woman who is raped by her boyfriend's friends while he watches; she develops PTSD as a result. Metaphorically, she fractures into five different women who each represent a different facet of her personality (Romance, Despair, Madness, Perseverance, and Missing You). Poetically, these women narrate her journey through PTSD while she, her first love, and her abusers explore through dance the trauma and the events leading up to it.

Based on a true story, and inspired by the original choreopoem, Ntozake Shange's For Colored Girls..., the play seeks to revolutionize the theatrical experience by combining poetry, and gut-wrenching contemporary dance to tell an all-too-familiar story in a brand-new way.

Joe's Pub at the Public Theater : 425 Lafayette Street
Open: 04/20/18- Close: 04/28/18 The Diabolical Dr. Fiend
Trapped in a 9-5 job is tough when you’re diabolical. So many evil plans, so litle time... but rent and bills are due, so the destruction of humanity will have to wait... at least until Friday. Join us for a night of diabolically fun improvised theater.


Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble (IRTE) Presents: 

The Diabolical Dr. Fiend

Starring: Robert Baumgardner, Izzy Church, Curt Dixon, Mike Hauschild, Heather Johnson, Jamie Maloney, Connie Perry and Cheryl Pickett

Featuring live music performed by John Munnelly (April 20, 21 & 28) and Craig Greenberg (April 27)

The Producer's Club : 358 West 44th Street
Open: 04/21/18- Close: 05/13/18 The Seeing Place Theater presents The Whistleblower Series
The Seeing Place Theater

The Whistleblower Series

three plays in repertory:

The People VS. Antigone, I Am My Own Wife, and My Name is Rachel Corrie

April 21 - May 13, 2018

at The Paradise Factory


The Paradise Factory : 64 East 4th Street