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Open: 07/07/10- Close: 07/11/10 Father Of Lies
Reviewed for By: Lori Chandler

Father of Lies, expertly directed by Jose Zayas and part of the UndergroundZero theater festival, is a powerful and often times frightening look at innocence and guilt. Telling the story of Fochs, a man of the church, and a series of illicit activities he may or may not have been involved in, Lies keeps you involved until the very end.

Evan Enderle plays Fochs, the accused man. The crimes he is accused of include abusing boys in the church, and the grisly murder of a young girl. The Man (played by Richard Toth), is a lurking presence, with an echoing voice and creepy demeanor. It is somewhat an open secret as to his identity, and the audience’s fears are confirmed towards the end. Jocelyn Kuritsky plays Foch’s high-strung wife, fearful of the things he might have done and hoping they are not true. Each performance is layered and a pleasure to watch, even at very uncomfortable times. Handled any differently, and the story could seem somewhat trite, but thankfully it never veers into that territory. The story begs bigger questions of what evil is, and who we trust. One feels almost guilty about how much they’re enjoying this sick tale.

The secret of Foch’s involvement in the crimes is masterfully revealed. There is no “big moment,” but rather several small ones. His wife’s suspicions, too, are slowly evolved, resulting in delicious suspense.

The production itself serves the piece, in fantastic minimalist style. It shows P.S.122’s continued commitment to unusual and great theater.

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Performance Space 122 : 150 1st Ave