Robert Honeywell

Robert Honeywell has appeared in various productions at The Brick, including Lord Oxford Brings You the Second American Revolution, Live!, Notes From Underground, Every Play Ever Written, Greed: a Musical Love $tory, Ich Liebe Jesus!, Mountain Hotel, Memoirs of My Nervous Illness, and the Faulkner adaptation In a Strange Room. Writing and composing credits include Lord Oxford, Every Play Ever Written (“a must-see for anyone who has been onstage”–NYTimes), Greed (“one of the best new musicals in town right now”–, Ich Liebe Jesus! (“brilliantly conceived”–, Françoise changes her mind, Jenna is nuts, World War III shall be a lovely daydream, and the libretto Meetings (American Opera Projects). He is a co-founder and co-artistic director of The Brick, winner of the NY Innovative Theatre Foundation’s 2009 Caffe Cino Fellowship Award.