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After being hit by a bicycle while crossing an East Village intersection, Vera Resnick's simple predictable life is about to take an unexpected turn. Is it coincidence that brought Vera and the bicyclist together, or are greater forces at play?  STRUCK is a serious comedy about a possibly cosmic event that deals with the search for truth in the face of deception.  

New Jersey Repertory Company : 179 Broadway
Open: 06/30/16- Close: 06/30/16 Studies In Puppet Form Presentation
A group of 15 intercultural elderly people will perform their self unique written adult level short story with their handmade marionette (a puppet on strings).

Sirovich Center

331 E 12 Street

Between First and Second Avenues

Friday; June 30 @ 1:30 PM

Arrive early for 250 seats


About the Company: LA MAMA


La MaMa is a remarkable arts institution with a world-wide reputation for producing cutting-edge work in theater, dance, performance art, and music. Founded in 1961 by theater pioneer and legend, Ellen Stewart, La MaMa has produced and presented more than 3,000 theatrical productions to date and is a vital part of the fabric of cultural life in New York City and around the world.


LA MAMA First Floor Theater : 74A East 4th Street
Open: 06/30/16- Close: 07/09/16 THE TERRIBLE TRADGEDY OF PETER PAN
“Tomorrow is something I’ve been too afraid to face. Because what is left tomorrow is one day less than today.”

After another amazing season, with amazing work onstage, with amazing audiences, who were in turn….amazed in 2015, What Dreams May Co in partnership with Queens Shakespeare Inc. again shines the looking glass onto 2 of literature’s most famous characters, who on the surface appear to be complete opposites. One, a certain boy who will never grow up. The other; one of Shakespeare’s kings who has grown quite old. Yet they both seem to suffer a clear case of “Peter Pan Syndrome”; flying about from place to place, searching for a mother, and oblivious to the destruction they leave in their wake.

John DeSotelle Studio : 300 West 43rd Street
Open: 07/10/16- Close: 08/07/16 The Winter's Tale
A sad tale's best for winter... or summer...


Love. Jealousy. Friendship. Betrayal. Sheep Shearing. Dysfunctional Theatre is happy to

announce their first ever Shakespeare production, this summer for three performances only!

The company will also be hosting open rehearsals on Governors Island as part of the

Dysfunctional Collective’s summer residency. Check for more


The Brick Theater : 579 Metropolitan Ave