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Open: 05/28/15- Close: 05/31/15 COULD YOU PLEASE LOOK INTO THE CAMERA?
Could You Please Look Into the Camera? written in 2011, is based on interviews with detainees of the Syrian regime. Looking into the relationships that develop between Noura, a film-maker, and Zeid, Karim and Farah, three young protesters, the play sheds light on the characters’ personal conflicts and asks pressing questions about responsibility and action, set against the background of the eruption of the Syrian War.

The cast, led by director Aktina Stathaki, includes Tony Naumovski, Theodora Loukas, Sara Galassini and Yannick Trapmann-O’Brien.

Produced by Between the Seas Festival

About the Company: Between the Seas Festival

Between the Seas aims at promoting the representation and understanding of Mediterranean culture and identity in North America.

Our mission is to:

Theaterlab (on 36th Street) : 357 W 36th Street
Open: 05/28/15- Close: 05/28/15 Emission
This new, multi-media, sometimes absurdist play explores the perversity of our interaction with the climate change concern, as well as each other.

Svetlana, an environmental scientist and refugee from Serbia, has invented a harmless and inexpensive additive which make all CO2 emissions visible. The Senator, ever the politician, wonders whether the additive will help save the world, or simply kill his chances at re-election. He invents his own an emission-less prototype – a large tricycle.

Amy, the legislative aid to the State Senator is trying to muscle a bill (which would force New York State gas stations to use the additive) through committee. However, an evil lobbyist Heather stands in the way. Early in the play, they meet warily to gauge each other’s power, but end up in a love clench beneath a coffee table as a storm rages outside.

Dixon Place : 161A Chrystie Street
Open: 06/06/15- Close: 06/07/15 Mario And The Comet That Stopped The World
In Mario and the Comet that Stopped the World (book and lyrics by Gabriel Jason Dean, music by David Dabbon), the Venedicci Comet is headed straight toward Earth. Apocalyptics predict that it will strike, causing total annihilation, while most scientists speculate it will be a near miss and Earthlings will behold history’s most awe-inspiring celestial event. Either way, Mario is prepared. With a chorus of rubber ducks and soaring songs about the theory of relativity, Mario and the Comet that Stopped the World is a musical adventure-comedy about how loss can be like an earth-shattering comet; but when faced together as a family, it can become a thing of beauty— a celebration of life and love. This play is appropriate for ages 8 and up.

About the Company: New Plays for Young Audiences


Provincetown Playhouse : 133 MacDougal Street
Open: 06/03/15- Close: 06/20/15 TRAVELING PAPERS
A lively theatrical adventure exploring our connections to travel, conceived and adapted by Barbara Bosch and Martin Tackel. Barbara Bosch^ directs a cast of eight including Gwen Arment*, John Camera*, Kyle Doherty, Gwen Eyster, Peter Husovsky*, Macy Idzakovich, Jillian Stevens, and Antonio Edwards Suarez*.

TRAVELING PAPERS is a passport to theatrical adventure which explores our connections to travel. Through an entertaining encounter with novels, poetry, short stories, personal letters and other literary works by Mark Twain, Edith Wharton, Anthony Bourdain, W. Somerset Maugham, Michael Clinton, Paul Theroux, Edna Ferber, Robert Frost, Rosemary Mahoney, Walt Whitman, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Alice Steinbach and Peter Mayle, among many

Lion Theatre @ Theatre Row : 410 West 42nd Street
Open: 05/30/15- Close: 05/31/15 Tru Producer Boot Camp
Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) presents the TRU Producer Boot Camp: Weekend Intensive for Showcase Producing, on Saturday and Sunday, May 30 - 31, 2015 from 10am – 6pm. Location to be determined.


Basic and not-so-basic training for producers, geared to those of you producing at the reading and Equity Showcase level, with particular application for those planning to produce in the upcoming summer festivals. Featuring a phenomenal lineup of experts covering everything from Production Timeline and Budgeting to Raising Money and Marketing. Every aspect of showcase producing, broken down into easy-to-understand step-by-step modules.


Cost to attend is $260 for non-member ($210 if you register before May 15th); $225 for TRU members

Theater Resources Unlimited/TRU Plays : 309 W. 104th Street, #1D