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Open: 11/13/14- Close: 12/07/14 Antony And Cleopatra
As the Roman Republic begins to crumble, the Mark Antony has now become one of the three new rulers of Rome.Torn between his love for the empire and his love for the beautiful Cleopatra, Antony eventually decides that he must have both! But when love, blood and politics mix, it can often be a deadly potion... Come help us examine Shakespeare's enduringly engaging tale of passion, revenge and death!


The Gene Frankel Theatre : 24 Bond Street
Open: 11/18/14- Close: 12/14/14 Self Made Man: The Frederick Douglass Story
SELF MADE MAN: THE FREDERICK DOUGLASS STORY, a new play written and performed by Phil Darius Wallace, will have its world premiere Off-Broadway at the ArcLight Theatre (152 West 71st Street), beginning Tuesday, November 18th , with opening set for Monday, November 24th .  The production is directed by Melania Levitsky. SELF MADE MAN: THE FREDERICK DOUGLASS STORY takes the audience on a journey through Douglass’ life, dramatizing the heartbreak, humor, outrage and charisma that were embodied by the life of this slave-turned Abolitionist leader. This story is adapted from the writings, speeches, letters and autobiographies of Fredrick Douglass.    Tickets are $49 and can be purchased by visiting www.Frederickdouglassplay.

ArcLight Theater : 152 West 71st Street
Open: 11/06/14- Close: 11/23/14 SNOW IN THE LIVING ROOM
In Snow in the Living Room, Orietta Crispino presents a visually striking and poetically sensual distillation of the classic Snow White fairy tale. Inert in her crystal coffin, Bianca finds that her liberation will never come from a redeemer outside herself; instead, she must acknowledge her own fractured soul and accept death as a facet of what it means to be fully human. Echoing the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Snow in the Living Room exists in the interstitial space between body and self. It is a dynamic story of fear and desire, told through splintered mirror images and complex soundscapes.

“I can’t escape my Shadow…”

Snow in the Living Room, written by Orietta Crispino as a poetic monodrama in Italian, has been adapted and translated into English by Marco Casazza.

Theaterlab (on 36th Street) : 357 W 36th Street