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Open: 08/11/15- Close: 08/30/15 COME BACK UP
COME BACK UP is a fearless play, touching on sensitive and powerful topics. The focal character, Buddy, is an intellectually disabled black boy who wants to help his sister transition from purgatory to heaven. She died 11 years ago, and as her spirit resurfaces more strongly, Buddy's mother struggles to face the ghosts of her past, both physical and metaphorical. When Buddy is implicated in a tragic crime, his disability and race cloud public perceptions, and with the walls closing in, forgiveness starts to feel like a foreign word.

Directed by Jillian Robertson and featuring Tai Verley, Nicole Kontolefa, Amber Bogdewiecz, JT Tarpav, and Amber Avant.

About the Company: Sanguine Theatre Company

 Sanguine Theatre Company is a theatre company committed to the production of

The Gym at Judson : 243 Thompson Street
Open: 08/15/15- Close: 08/29/15 IDEAS, NOT THEORIES
Three magical creatures secretly inhabit a warehouse. These creatures are awakened by a kid who stumbles into the room and begins to discover its sounds. Once awakened, the magical creatures join the child as they go on an adventure of sound and music that can be created inside the room by using the objects in it. By doing this, they discover the magical potential that the warehouse has.

Combining percussion music and theatrical elements, Ideas, Not Theories features original music by Reynaliz Herrera which explores the use of unconventional instruments such as: bikes, tap and body percussion, water as well as traditional percussion instruments such as: marimbas and drums.

Ideas, Not Theories, Reynaliz Herrera’s theatrical percussion performance for all ages, will be part of the 19th Annual New York International Fringe Festival–FringeNYC–August

The Theater at the 14th Street Y : 344 East 14th Street (between 1st a
Is there anything more scandalous than a juicy tell-all memoir? Viciously funny, Nobody’s Girl features a potpourri of outrageous characters who wheel and deal in a high stakes game for glory. It is an unforgiving, hilarious satire of today’s frenzied media and those who will do anything to be on top. Be prepared for plenty of twists and turns, and razor sharp wit.

The cast includes Gregory Haney, Judith Hawking, Layla Khoshnoudi, and Jacob A. Ware and is directed by Erica Gould. Sneak preview performances to this limited engagement begin Thursday, August 20 with opening night Saturday, August 22 at New Jersey Repertory Company (179 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ), and will run  through Sunday, September 20, 2015.

New Jersey Repertory Company : 179 Broadway
Open: 08/20/15- Close: 08/30/15 Stockholm Savings
Stockholm Savings is a modern-day reimagining of Frank Pierson’s Dog Day Afternoon.

In this immersive production, a botched bank robbery in Muncie, Indiana quickly unravels, unleashing a media circus. Police brutality, LGBT rights, and racism are explored in this meditation on America’s obsession with spectacle. Adam—a charismatic human bullhorn—and his accomplice Andre—a stoic former military officer in Iraq—hold four bank employees hostage while they negotiate their escape with local law enforcement. Over the course of the long ordeal, an odd bond is formed between the robbers and the hostages.

The remarkable event, which marks its 43rd anniversary during the New York International Fringe Festival’s run, has already inspired three movies, an art installation at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, and a dramatization in

THe CSV Center Flamboyan Theatre : 107 Suffolk St. (between Rivington
Open: 08/20/15- Close: 08/29/15 THE SCREENWRITER DIES OF HIS OWN FREE WILL
A new metafictional comedy on the art of the deal by FringeNYC veteran Jim Shankman. Craig J. George directs a cast of two including Jim Shankman* (Winner, Best Actor – United Solo 2013) and Steven Mark Friedman*.  *Member, AEA.

Willy Shotz is a heavyweight screenwriter. Producers kill for his stylish violence and gritty sci-fi. But Willy is facing the big deadline in the sky, which has given him a new vision of art and cinema and a new screenplay to go with it. Can he overcome the indignities of his illness to pitch his craftiest foe? Can he talk art like a man with his boyhood friend and sell this script before his expiration date?  The Screenwriter Dies Of His Own Free Will is a two character metafictional comedy on the art of the deal.

VENUE #12: 64E4 UNDERGROUND : 64 East 4th Street  (Bowery & 2nd Avenue)
Open: 08/18/15- Close: 08/30/15 The Unfringed Festival 2015
Unhinged, unabashed, unbelievable...

UNFringed offers the stage to daring new works from passionate artists who aren't afraid to push the boundaries. Show us your Dada, your pure form; your absurd or your ridiculous; your futurism, surrealism, expressionism, symbolism, whateverism. All kinds of works are accepted, as long as they're unhinged, unabashed, unbelievable, UNFringed.

The Secret Theatre has been Long Island City's home for all things theater, music, opera, improv and dance since 2005. Recently dubbed "One of NYC's best theater spots" by Time Out: New York, the multi-faceted space has garnered a growing reputation thanks to the close-knit community of creators within Long Island City, an area that is quickly becoming a central hub for the arts in all five boroughs.

Secret Theatre : 4402 23rd Street