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Open: 02/03/17- Close: 03/03/17 A History Of Servitude
A History of Servitude is a comic survey of world history, from the dawn of man to the present. A celebration of the eternal struggle of the underdog; A History of Servitude is part improv, part sketch comedy, part insanity. The Department of Fools brings audiences on a wildly participatory, slightly intoxicated, and extremely bawdy ride through history. 

The internationally diverse company includes Yair Ben-Dor (ABC's Quantico), Jessenia Cuesta, Gjermund Gjesme, Matthew A.J. Gregory (Power of Darkness/The Mint), Silvia Morigi, Ben Rademacher, Andy Richardson (Newsies & Gypsy – Broadway), Brandon Salerno, Alec Seymor, and Anna Tempte. 

"‘A History of Servitude’ is a breath of fresh air…and a rich celebration of Commedia dell'Arte.

The Peoples Improv Theater : 123 East 24th Street
Open: 02/08/17- Close: 02/25/17 BOYS OF A CERTAIN AGE
Willow Theatricals will present Dan Fingerman’s Boys of a Certain Age, directed by Dan Dinero, February 8-25 at Theatrelab (357 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor) with performances on Wednesday, February 8 & 22 at 7:30pm, Thursdays at 7:30pm, Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 2pm & 8pm, and Sundays at 3pm. Tickets ($25) may be purchased in advance at or by calling 866-811-4111. The performance will run approximately 100 minutes, with no intermission.

Ira and Larry were Hebrew school classmates who took different paths in life. Ira came out and moved to the city; Larry got married, had a family and came out later in life.

Theaterlab : 137 W 14th St
Open: 02/16/17- Close: 03/04/17 Denial Is A Wonderful Thing
DENIAL IS A WONDERFUL THING. One woman, three continents, six decades, and a lusty affair: from Mumbai to the Outback, New York to the Haight, and naïve schoolgirl to free spirit, Christina reveals all in this one-woman "talk story". Written by Christina Augello & John Caldon, Directed by Ryan Marchand. Presented by the 2017 FRIGID Festival, produced by EXIT Theatre from San Francisco, California, performed by Christina Augello, written by Christina Augello and John Caldon, direced by Ryan Marchand, sound design by Gregory Scharpen, lighting design by Curtis Overacre.

Under St. Mark's Theatre : 94 St. Mark's Place
Open: 01/25/17- Close: 04/15/17 GEORGIE: MY ADVENTURES WITH GEORGE ROSE
Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose is an exhilarating story, and indeed brilliantly told. Two-time Tony® Award-winning character actor George Rose (The Mystery of Edwin Drood, My Fair Lady, The Pirates of Penzance), a bon-vivant with a flair for the dramatic and the eccentric, starred on the Broadway and London stages alongside luminaries like Katharine Hepburn, Noel Coward, Dame Edith Evans, Richard Burton, and Laurence Olivier in a storied career that met an unexpected end.  

In this giddy, humorous, and moving celebration, Ed Dixon recounts his own tale of how he came to know and admire George over a twenty-year friendship until the unimaginable changed everything.

Davenport : 354 West 45th ST
Open: 02/15/17- Close: 02/28/17 Go! Go! Gilgamesh!
The epic of the Gilgamesh is the first story ever written down by human beings and it is a doozy. Sex, power, violence, love, guilt, and death- it's all there. But now the classic tale is getting a lively, irreverent makeover in this high-spirited musical romp complete with cardboard sets, a self-orchestrated cast and toe-tapping joke folk hits!

Long-time Antifolk star and member of the controversial Pizza Underground, Phoebe Kreutz wrote the whole show on her guitar. She has been called “the kingpin of the Joke Folk genre” by the New Yorker and "genuinely funny" by the New York Times. 

With influences ranging from P.G. Wodehouse and Jonathan Richman to DMX, "Go! Go! Gilgamesh!" provides a clear way in to a sometimes-intimidating text. It’s tuneful.

The Kraine Theater : 85 E. 4th Street
Open: 02/18/17- Close: 03/04/17 How To Sell Your Gang Rape Baby* *for Parts
In How to Sell Your Gang Rape Baby* *for Parts, we find our heroines, Libby & Ali, toiling away in the HR office of a large company. Hating their jobs, but afraid to leave (because paycheck), the ladies are thrilled when a sure-fire money making opportunity lands in their laps. The Trump-loving, life-affirming intern Bev Anne got knocked up the hard way, and though she’s pro-life (natch) she doesn’t want the baby. Enter Libby & Ali, who help her realize that this one, small life can save the lives of many. In How to Sell Your Gang Rape Baby* *for Parts, Libby & Ali risk it all, for the greater good.

puss&puss is pleased to announce the upcoming production of Libby Emmons’ How to Sell Your Gang Rape Baby* *for Parts, directed by Michele Travis.

Kraine Theater : 85 East 4th Street
Open: 02/16/17- Close: 03/03/17 ILLUSION OF CHOICE AT 2017'S FRIGID FESTIVAL

The 2017 FRIGID Festival presents

A Kardenni Entertainment production:

Illusion of Choice

A Magical Experience with Kardenni

Written by: Dennis Friebe and Antwan Towner

Directed by: David Meneses

Thu 2/16 @ 5:30pm, Thu 2/23 @ 8:50pm, Sat 2/25 @ 1:40pm, Sun 2/26 @ 12:10pm Tue 2/28 @ 7:10pm & Fri 3/3 @ 5:10pm

Tickets: $15 (on sale 1/5)

The Kraine Theater 85 East 4th Street New York, NY 10003

Kraine Theater : 85 East 4th Street
Open: 02/15/17- Close: 03/02/17 THE 2017 FRIGID FRINGE PRESENTS
Amanda and Matthew love New York City! But NYC loves no one! Subway people cough into your ear, snowdrifts are trash, and for every rat you see there are 20 hiding in the shadows. Across the country, sunny Los Angeles beckons. Can our comedy heroes resist the siren song? Will they give up the Big Apple, and escape to LA? Click for Tickets  Rotten Apple Comedy 





About the Company: FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade

FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade is a theater development group with a focus on new work that produces a massive quantity of stimulating downtown theater every season.

Kraine Theater : 85 East 4th Street
Open: 02/17/17- Close: 03/05/17 The Wedding Guest
The Wedding Guest is a solo character-comedy chronicling the ups and downs of two idiots, Juan Dominguez a thick-moustached general, and J’VaAnN a lovesick poet as they pine for the love of one woman; Leela.


The show is written and performed by Raphael Perahia, and directed by Shea Wojtus (MorbidAbnormalMe ★★★★ Broadway Baby, ★★★★ Fringe Guru).

Under Saint Marks Theatre : 94 Saint Marks Place (bet 1st Ave a
Open: 02/15/17- Close: 03/05/17 VISIONARY VOICES: 2 WOMEN WRITERS, 3 BIG STORIES
Three poignant, tantalizing plays by two pioneering women playwrights, exploring gender roles, race, and death in America’s early twentieth century.


Trifles by Susan Glaspell, directed by Aimee Todoroff
A "ripped from the headlines" murder-mystery is the inspiration for Glaspell's iconic play about a seemingly diabolical crime without a motive. While the investigators look to the usual clues, only their wives, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, are able to clearly see course of events that lead to a woman's desperate act.  Director Aimee Todoroff states, “The discussion around the inclusion of women's perspectives in our public discourse, especially in politics and media, has been a hot topic in 2016.

Gloria Maddox Theatre : 151 West 26th Street, 7th Floor
Open: 02/17/17- Close: 03/04/17 WOOLGATHERERS
Woolgatherers is inspired by Patti Smith’s artistry and performed as a multi-media re-imagined concert. Traveling through various realms of time, the woolgatherers seek to understand the root of their existence and resolve the oppression of their cyclical reality. This fantasy performance piece unveils complex layers of identity, gender, displacement and loss, and belongs to a trilogy devised by Asylos.

Performed by Teresa Braun, G.J. Dowding, Virginia Rupert and Yael Shavitt

​The 2017 FRIGID Festival and Asylos present

The Kraine Theater : 85 E. 4th Street