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Open: 04/21/16- Close: 05/08/16 ALL OVER THE MAP
In All Over The Map, Bill Bowers takes audiences on a 30-year globe spanning adventure ride through 50 states and 25 countries. Assisted by two hookers, one bunny, and his mastery of mime, Bowers vividly depicts cultural differences through his travels and personal connections, sharing fantastical characters and indelible memories. The New York Times hailed Bowers’ previous work as “Zestful and endearing [and] full of life.”

All Over The Map, written by Bill Bowers and directed by Martha Banta, will begin performances Thursday, April 21st and open Wednesday, April 27th for a limited run through Sunday, May 8th. The show will be performed at The Lion Theatre (410 West 42nd Street) on Theatre Row. Tickets are $36.25 and are available by visiting ,More Information »

Lion Theatre @ Theatre Row : 410 West 42nd Street
Open: 04/22/16- Close: 05/14/16 Arsene Lupin Vs Sherlock Holmes
The Mystery of the Fair Haired Lady

There is a great secret surrounding the Chateau Thibermesnil and the mysterious fair-haired lady!  A strange murder as well as the theft of the famous Blue Diamond have both taken place right under the noses of the French Police, and the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin is the primary suspect!  After a failed investigation by the Sûreté’s Inspector Ganimard the French Police decide to call for the help of the famous English detective, Sherlock Holmes, who has sworn to solve the mystery, recover the stone and arrest his rival – all in less than three days!



$18 – General Admission

$9 – Student / Senior

Gene Frankel Theater : 24 Bond Street
Open: 04/30/16- Close: 05/22/16 GOREY: THE SECRET LIVES OF EDWARD GOREY
Gorey centers on the enigmatic and endearing artist at different stages of his life and spans 50 years from young adulthood to shortly before his death. This bold new play is an introspective study that fuses fact and fiction using lush projections and inventive storytelling. Gorey investigates the artist’s dark imagination, his personal demons, and the heartbreaking loneliness of creative genius. The result is a compelling collection of fragmented memories that are lyrical, revealing, and often funny. Each fragment brings us one step closer to distinguishing the man from the literary myth.

About the Company: Life Jacket Theatre Company

We create smart, original, and unpredictable theatre. We produce investigative works based on real-life stories, often engaging with the people whose stories we tell.

Here Arts Center : 145 Avenue of the Americas
Open: 04/20/16- Close: 05/07/16 THAO'S LIBRARY
Thao’s Library is a multi-media play written and performed by Elizabeth Van Meter, with footage drawn from her own award-winning documentary of the same name. Van Meter’s discovery of a photograph propels her to rural Vietnam to meet a woman whose indomitable spirit inspires her to build a library.

Thao’s Library, directed by Joe Ricci, will begin performances on Wednesday, April 20th and open Thursday, April 28th for a limited run through Saturday, May 7th. The show will be performed at The Lion Theatre (410 West 42nd Street) on Theatre Row. Tickets are $36.25 and are available by visiting , or by calling (212) 239-6200.

Lion Theatre @ Theatre Row : 410 West 42nd Street
Open: 04/14/16- Close: 05/08/16 WHEN I WAS A GIRL I USED TO SCREAM AND SHOUT
Embracing her Scottish culture and wit, Sharman Macdonald’s When I Was A Girl I Used To Scream and Shout is a bitingly funny, delicately crafted memory play, exploring the parallel growing pains of a mother and daughter. Set in 1983, the play takes a stripped and honest look at the relationship between childless, unmarried Fiona and her crisp, divorced mother Morag, with whom she is sharing a Scottish beach holiday. As the play unfolds we discover it was in the very same resort where at least a decade previously, the young Fiona struggling with an imposed view of religion and sexuality, deliberately got pregnant to prevent Morag's remarriage and her mother's one chance of happiness.

About the Company: Fallen Angel Theatre Company

Fallen Angel Theatre is a non-profit company based in New York committed to presenting the most outstanding

Clurman Theater (Theater Row) : 410 W 42nd St