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Open: 07/14/14- Close: 07/27/14 As We Lie Still
A good magician always reveals his secrets. As We Lie Still is a new musical about Avi Leiter, a magician in New York at the turn of the 20th century who overcomes the struggles of a fledgling magic act. His assistant, Josephine, is the key to his most astonishing trick. Together, they rise to Vaudevillian fame – until the trick goes awry. Twenty years later, old, ruined, and alone, Avi must prepare one more illusion. As We Lie Still uses a spellbinding, contemporary score to tell a story of love and forgiveness, of life and death, of this world and the next.

A new romantic musical fantasy with book by Olivia de Guzman Emile, Music and Lyrics by Patrick Emile.

PTC Performance Space : 555 West 42nd Street
Open: 07/17/14- Close: 07/26/14 Bane

by Kate Dickinson

After a bizarre accident, James and Natalie are stranded in a cabin in the woods. As more of their lost past comes into focus, they realize their lives are in danger. Paranoia, accusations, and suspicions erupt as the horrible truth is finally revealed.

July 17 - 19 & 24 - 26, 2014

Starring James Rich and Kate Dickinson


41 VARICK : 41 Varick Ave.
Open: 07/15/14- Close: 08/03/14 Eddie And The Palaceades: A New Rock And Roll Musical
Eddie and The Palaceades opened for the Beatles then dropped like a rock back into obscurity. Twenty-five years later, the Palace Theater where they got their start is threatened with demolition. Eddie runs for mayor to save the theatre, but his decision tears his family apart. Eddie and The Palaceades is an all original blend of rock ‘n’ roll and musical theater, an exuberant and emotional roller-coaster ride about family and friendship, standing up against corruption, and the universal need for love and respect.

Jamibeth Margolis directs a cast of 12, including Bill Dietrich* (Bway: Jekyll and Hyde), Robert Dyckman*, Annie Edgerton* (Bway & Nat.

June Havoc Theatre : 312 West 36th Street, First Floor
Open: 07/18/14- Close: 07/26/14 The Fox
Unseen in New York City since its debut at the Roundabout Theatre in 1982, The Fox promises to bring to the stage a riveting exploration of powerful themes on male/female power dynamics, femininity, sexuality, and the complex relationship between our physical and mental desires.

This three-person psychological drama, set in rural England in 1918, takes place in a farmhouse inhabited by two women endeavoring to live life away from society, on their own terms. However, their efforts are thwarted at every turn by a cunning fox, who steals their hens and wreaks havoc on a daily basis. Their sheltered world is shaken up when a young, mysterious, and capable soldier unexpectedly arrives and is invited to stay. Who is this charismatic visitor who eventually dominates life on the farm, and how could these women anticipate how this stranger may alter their future and their relationship

The Gene Frankel Theatre : 24 Bond Street
Open: 07/17/14- Close: 08/04/14 Get Me A Guy
Get Me a Guy is a hilarious and poignant new full-length comedy about women who chase the wrong men who chase the wrong women, and what happens after they catch each other (or not).

Horse Trade Theater Group in association with Moonlight Theatre Productions (Kelley Girod, producer) will present Get Me a Guy (Best Play at the New York International Midtown Theater Festival as a 30-minute one-act; scene 16 won Outstanding Play Honorary Mention at the New York Short Play Festival as a 10-minute play), an award-winning new comedy by Israela Margalit (Gold Medal NY Film and TV Festival, Emmy Nomination) directed by John Clancy (2005 Obie Award for Sustained Excellence of Direction).

Under St. Marks : 94 St. Mark's Place
Open: 07/03/14- Close: Open Run The John Wayne Principle
A searing portrait of the insidious attractions of corporate life, "The John Wayne Principle" tells the story a cynical, anti-establishment trust-fund kid who is picked to succeed his father as CEO of a multinational corporation. Instead of turning down the post, as his ambitious, business-minded sister had expected, he decides to sign on for a year, sending the company's stock into a tailspin. His sister's attempts to undermine his tenure only serve to fuel his enthusiasm for the job, and, as their sibling rivalry takes on sexual-political overtones, one is left to wonder if this rebel riding rough-shod on the company wants to break or break in the system.
Museum of Sex :
Open: 07/16/14- Close: 08/03/14 North To Maine: A Journey On The Appalachian Trail
Inspired by the playwrights own personal experiences while walking the full length of the Appalachian Trail, North To Maine is the first play ever written about this treasure of the American landscape and the thru-hikers who attempt to walk every one of its estimated 2,180 miles within a single season. The story follows five such thru-hikers as they travel north. Adam, a recent college graduate searching for purpose is joined by Kevin, a sagely former marine and Vietnam veteran; “Creature Man,” a young and judgmental entrepreneur who has lost his business (and maybe some of his mind); “Juice-Box,” a young schoolteacher who is one of the few women on the trail; and “Rock-Stabber,” a former marine/gear tester/jazz singer who has the unfortunate (and annoying) habit of constantly singing, especially late into the

American Theatre Of Actors : 314 West 54th Street
Open: 07/10/14- Close: 08/09/14 Picture Ourselves In Latvia
PICTURE OURSELVES IN LATVIA, a world-premiere by Ross Howard, is a contemporary comedy on contemporary England. Desires are suppressed and aspirations muddled for both the staff and patients of a psychiatric ward. Rank and rule clash with what the heart and mind want in this environment of division and distraction.

Produced by New Light Theater Project in association with Access Theater, the production features the acting talents of Dana Benningfield*, Gregory James Cohan, Christopher Daftsios*, Andy Nogasky*, Amy Lee Pearsall*, and Christian Ryan*.

Set Design by Oliver Sohngen
Costume Design by Samantha Lind
Lighting Design by Michael O'Connor
Sound Design by Kyle C. Norris
Production Stage Management by Juni Li

Associate Director: Abby Wylan
Assistant Director/ASM: Nick Walsh
ASM/Technical Assistant: Scott Pulvirent
Casting Director: Alex

Access Theater : 380 Broadway, 4th Floor
Open: 07/19/14- Close: 08/02/14 Tabletop Cabaret: Hedgepig Races
Audience members will race an imaginary mining cart drawn by a giant hedgepig through a mountain to win fame and fortune. Participants will get to experience a unique mash-up of the musical with the tabletop role-playing game genre. Story events will be set up in song, and audience members will be given a character to play in small groups. Appropriate for ages 11 and up.

The show is being produced as part of the Game Play Festival by The Story Gym, an immersive theater company committed to encouraging the audience to move and be involved.

Tabletop Cabaret: Hedgepig Races will run Saturday July 19 at 7 pm, Sunday July 20 at 8 pm, Tuesday July 29 at 8 pm, and Saturday August 2 at 7 pm as part of the Game Play Festival at The Brick Theater.

Brick Theater : 575 Metropolitan Ave.
Open: 07/13/14- Close: 07/27/14 The Magic Zoo
IRTE Continues its 2014 Season of Improvised Comedies with
The Magic Zoo at The Producers Club
NEW YORK, NY, IRTE, the Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble, continues its third season of improvised shows with The Magic Zoo. Come see the group critics are calling "Completely unique" (Heather Boddy, THESPI-HONEST), "radical and theatrical fun!" (Imani Johnson, The High 5 Review), and "remarkable," (Lillian Rodriguez, Film Annex)!

The NYC-based ensemble of comedy performers returns with its own unique brand of original themed, character-driven improvisational shows performed in rep.

The Producers Club : 358 West 44th between 8th {e_addres