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Open: 02/18/15- Close: 03/06/15 Cootie Catcher
In this hilarious and borderline-terrifying reflection, Lucas looks back on his many close encounters of the sexually transmissible kind. Through his naked (yet carefully wrapped) adventures, he struggles with his ability to remain sex-positive in an HIV-negative society.

Cootie Catcher plays:
Thursday, Feb 19, 8:50
Monday, Feb 23, 5:30
Friday, Feb 27, 10:30
Saturday, Feb 28, 3:50
Friday, March 6, 5:30


At UNDER St Marks
94 St Marks Place
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Under St Marks : 94 St Marks Place
Open: 02/21/15- Close: 03/06/15 Dandy Darkly's Pussy Panic!
Brooklyn’s lascivious, hilarious showman of supernatural sleaze makes his Frigid Festival debut with his critically acclaimed solo show “Dandy Darkly’s Pussy Panic!” New York City, prepare to PANIC!

"Dandy Darkly is an utterly unique and potentially fatal cocktail of mince and menace that not to be believed... even once he's been seen!" The Villager, 2012

“Dandy Darkly’s Pussy Panic!” is a macabre meditation on the misogynist motifs found within the horror genre, as well as a scathing fuck you to the flippant attitudes displayed by some gay men in reference to women and their bodies.

Under St. Mark's Theatre : 94 St. Mark's Place
Open: 02/25/15- Close: 03/07/15 GET AROUND ME
A brand new solo show written and performed by Gillian English

Four years ago, some charismatic Australians talked Gillian English into playing Aussie Rules Football. A Shakespeare nerd by trade, Gillian had never played a sport before in her life, but how hard could it be?
Somewhere in between tackling Amazonian women and battling through the bruises; footy became one of the most important parts of her life. 
Team support, beer pong, fit men, short shorts, sunshine and parties. 
Life as a member of an Aussie Rules team is glorious.
By 2014, Gillian had won three consecutive Grand Final Championships. 
She was playing for the Midnight Suns in the AFL World Championship in Melbourne Australia. 
Then everything changed.

Under St. Mark's Theatre : 94 St. Mark's Place
Open: 02/18/15- Close: 03/01/15 HANK V
Three Day Hangover's epic, two person drinking theatrical event. 

Once more unto the BAR, dear friends, once more. Sir John Falstaff: gentleman, scoundrel, lover, liar and everyone's favorite booze dead. His pal, Hank, has just been crowned King Henry the Fifth and needs his wing man (whether he knows it or not). So Three Day Hangover is reaching beyond the grave to reunite the two greatest drinking buddies in the Shakespearean canon for one final adventure. They'll tackle kingship, friendship and the conquering of France one shot of beer pong at a time. According to co-director Beth Gardiner, “We're shaking up Henry V, bringing a new perspective to an old play by bringing one of our all-time favorite characters back from the dead to take part in the action.

East Wing at The Stumble Inn : 306 East 76th Street
Open: 02/20/15- Close: 03/01/15 HEY '90S KIDS, YOU'RE OLD
What if our favorite '90s characters had to grow up, like we did? This nostalgic sketch comedy show celebrates the last true decade by blending '90s pop culture with the present. Winner of Toronto Fringe 2014 "Patrons' Pick" and part of New York City's FRIGID Festival!

The Kraine Theater : 85 E. 4th Street
Open: 02/26/15- Close: 03/29/15 Jill Eikenberry & Michael Tucker (stars Of La Law) In The M Spot At Nj Rep
A provocative adult comedy about love, sex and the slippery slope of marriage.

Jerry and Maddie have been married–forever–and are looking for something to recapture the former vitality of their marriage. They've been through the mill when it comes to therapists and well-meaning advice, so when the opportunity arises for them to go on a retreat to a new-age spa, complete with nude massages, Jerry is all for it.  Maddie, on the other hand, is a bit more reserved, and is naturally skeptical about the process and her husband’s motives. But when Maddie finally let’s go of her inhibitions with the aid of a lovely young masseuse, Jerry is left scratching his head wondering what he missed.

New Jersey Repertory Company : 179 Broadway
Open: 02/05/15- Close: 03/08/15 KILL ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT
Ben Farrell, Private Investigator, discovers that his cases are appearing on the pages of a popular pulp serial… but the crimes are being penned before they happen in real life. The mystery grows darker still when Farrell reads his own death in the prophetic pages.

Three-time Drama Desk-nominee Stolen Chair presents Kill Me Like You Mean It, a “film noir for the stage” that is equal parts Raymond Chandler and David Lynch, a hostile but hilarious world of rapid-fire dialogue, smoking guns, and femmes fatale.

About the Company: Stolen Chair Theatre Company

STOLEN CHAIR Named best “genre-bending theatre” by New York Press, Stolen Chair is a theatre laboratory dedicated to the creation of playfully

4th Street Theatre : 83 East 4th Street
On the Internet everyone can hear you scream.

What happens when it's your job to be friends with someone? When do you compromise artistic integrity for cash? Two Internet personalities skyrocket to stardom with a new “Let’s Play” video game show. But when a female gamer joins them, things get ugly. And then even uglier.

Let’s Play Play by Ben Ferber is about selling out, and how we use Internet personalities as replacements for real friends. It also embodies the infamously horrifying vitriol of YouTube comments and gamergate.

About the Company: PowerOut

PowerOut was formed when ten theatre artists met during a blackout. We set out to create adventurous new theatre.

Under St Marks : 94 St Marks Place
Open: 02/27/15- Close: 03/14/15 OLD PAPER HOUSES
In New England, the winter is five months long. Everybody eats beans, the pipes always freeze, and everything’s buried under six feet of snow. Moving from dreary 1970s New England to an 1840s Transcendental utopia and beyond, Old Paper Houses follows a group of wavering idealists searching for meaning and purpose in all the wrong places. Combining paper dioramas, ecstatic small-town parades, live feed projection and poetry by Bernadette Mayer, Old Paper Houses cycles through faith and doubt to ask: how do we continue to find things to believe in, even when it’s really, really cold?

The theater collective Piehole will present the World Premiere of Old Paper Houses, an original performance piece with texts by poet Bernadette Mayer (Winner of the 2014 Shelley Memorial Award), directed

Irondale Center : 85 Oxford Street
Open: 02/26/15- Close: 03/15/15 OTHELLO
To kick off a season that explores gender warfare, victim shaming, racial bias and police corruption, The Seeing Place Theater brings you Shakespeare's timeless drama, OTHELLO. Staged in modern dress with a deep focus on the language, this story is brought to life through the lens of one central dilemma:  

How can your ego survive when “the other” stands in your way?

After Othello, a black Arab, is made General and appointed leader of a wartime military operation, he chooses a scholar as his lieutenant and marries a powerful senator's daughter without his consent. Sick of being passed over, Othello's closest friend and best soldier uses his influence to make a deadly point.  

“We live in a world that pretends it is accepting of others, while silently or overtly belittling people we do not understand, “ says

Clarion Theatre : 309 East 26th Street
Open: 02/18/15- Close: 03/06/15 Post Traumatic Super Delightful
Can there be laughter in the healing process? The lives of survivors, perpetrators, and bystanders weave together in a wickedly funny and piercingly insightful one woman show about a community trying to heal after a sexual assault. In Post Traumatic Super Delightful, the personal is political, the political is personal. And the person is a clown.

Post Traumatic Super Delightful is written and performed by Antonia Lassar (writer/performer of FRIGID Festival Favorite, God Box). She is joined by director Angela Dumlao (award-winning director in the 2014 EstroGenius Festival; assistant director of Naked Angels’ SeaWife), dramaturg Kati Frazier (Former Literary Director of All For One; playwright of Patronage, Fall 2015 at Random Access), scenic

Kraine Theater : 85 East 4th Street
Open: 02/20/15- Close: 03/08/15 WHERE I'M FROM
Being born into a dysfunctional family forced comedian Mike Lemme to be quiet. Lemme was quiet because he never knew how to relate to other kids. They would talk about things he knew nothing about like sports, movies, and video games, but if you wanted to talk about wetting the bed, low self-esteem, and visiting family in mental hospitals, Mike was your guy!

Now 25, Lemme is more aware of what’s happening in the world. By mixing his cultural observations with biographical material, Mike proves there are few things comedy can’t make better. “Where I’m From” is a stand-up comedy, coming-of-age story about struggle, survival, and scoliosis. Lemme uses the lessons he learned growing up to navigate life in New York City.

Under St. Mark's Theatre : 94 St. Mark's Place