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Open: 11/13/14- Close: 12/07/14 Antony And Cleopatra
As the Roman Republic begins to crumble, the Mark Antony has now become one of the three new rulers of Rome.Torn between his love for the empire and his love for the beautiful Cleopatra, Antony eventually decides that he must have both! But when love, blood and politics mix, it can often be a deadly potion... Come help us examine Shakespeare's enduringly engaging tale of passion, revenge and death!


The Gene Frankel Theatre : 24 Bond Street
Open: 12/19/15- Close: 12/20/15 blah blah blah

Magic Show"

SmartTix Sample Venue : 312 West 36th Street
Open: 12/19/15- Close: 12/20/15 blah blah blah

Magic Show"

Acts/Attractions.Magic Show

SmartTix Sample Venue : 312 West 36th Street
Open: 08/23/14- Close: 08/26/14 Censored On Final Approach - The Unknown Stories Of The Women Airforce Service Pilots
"Censored on Final Approach" by Phylis Ravel is the story of four WASP (Women Air Force Service Pilots), a group of roughly one thousand women hired by the United States Army Air Force during WWII to fly military aircrafts and tow targets for live anti-aircraft artillery practice, thereby freeing male pilots for combat missions.

"Censored on Final Approach" is a story of strength, courage, identity, and the close-knit friendships formed during a very important period in American history. These women flew a combined total of over 600 million miles in every type of military aircraft and paved the way for future generations of female pilots, both military and civilian. This play continues IVP's tradition of producing works that underscore the pivotal but often overlooked roles women have played throughout history.

The Judson Theatre : 243 Thompson Street
Open: 08/11/14- Close: 08/17/14 The Kitchen Play
Lanceworth Runaway Productions invites you to the inaugural production of The Kitchen Play featured at Cabrini Repertory's Thespis Theater Festival. For more information on Cabrini Theater and to reserve box office tickets, please visit:

Performances will take place at Roy Arias Studios located at:
300 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036
RA Stage II

August 11 @ 8:45 Monday
August 16 @ 9 Saturday
August 17 @ 2 Sunday

Ron Barba - Arnold Stanton
Marianne Vidal - Isabelle Stanton
Kaitlyn Huczko - Beverly Stanton
Joshua Michael Payne - John Stanton
Hannah Wolff - Grace
Louis Lavoie - Scott/Marshal

Directed by: Kelly Teaford
Written by: Brian Kirchner
Lighting Design: Emma Rivera

For more information on this play and subsequent productions please visit:


The Roy Arias Theatre, Stage 2 : 300 W. 43rd Street, 4th floor
Open: 08/22/14- Close: 08/22/14 La Fille Mal Gardèe
LIVE the innocent love of Lisa and Colas, LOVE this blissful evocation of eternal spring in one of the oldest ballets still performed, LAUGH with the comedy of the dimwitted, umbrella obsessed Alan and the Parisian Widow Simone lost in rural France.



Hostos Ctr. Arts and Culture : 450 Grand Concourse
Open: 12/12/14- Close: 12/20/14 The Nutcracker - Face To Face Series
Whether a family tradition or discovering the magic of ballet for the first time, this extraordinary experience will evoke joy and stay with you forever. The Face to Face series affords the audience a close-up to the performers in the intimacy of our studios. GOES ON SALE IN JUNE 2014

Performance Art"

Acts/Attractions.Performance Art

City Center Studios : 130 West 56th Street
Open: 12/31/15- Close: 12/31/15 package package

Dance Class"

SmartTix Sample Venue : 312 West 36th Street
Open: 08/13/14- Close: 08/17/14 Seascape with Sharks and Dancer
A young man has pulled a lost young woman from the ocean. Soon, she finds herself trapped in his life and torn between her need to come to rest somewhere and her certainty that all human relationships turn eventually into nightmares. The struggle between his tolerant and gently ironic approach to life and her strategy of suspicion and attack becomes a kind of war about love and creation which neither can afford to lose. This is an offbeat, wonderful love story.


501 Black Box Theater at CAP 21 : 18 West 18th Street
Open: 08/14/14- Close: 08/24/14 Useless
In Residence at IRT Theater:August 12- 25 2014

USELESS is a dark humored drama about love, dreams and organ trafficking. It investigates the relationship between a couple of Eastern European immigrants involved in kidney trafficking Kora, formerly sex-trafficked and pimped by her now husband Chris - and Omy, a mentally challenged young man from a poor country. Omy, the silent boy, affects Chris and Kora in a profound way, triggering unexpected outbursts and changes. He becomes a sort of mirror for their unfulfilled dreams, hidden fears and desires, and ultimately makes them connect on a deeper level. Or so we hope. The play intersperses heightened realistic scenes with dreams, nightmares and daydreams that offer a glimpse in the characters' inner life and alternate reality.

IRT Theater : 154 Christopher Street