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Open: 11/13/14- Close: 12/07/14 Antony And Cleopatra
As the Roman Republic begins to crumble, the Mark Antony has now become one of the three new rulers of Rome.Torn between his love for the empire and his love for the beautiful Cleopatra, Antony eventually decides that he must have both! But when love, blood and politics mix, it can often be a deadly potion... Come help us examine Shakespeare's enduringly engaging tale of passion, revenge and death!


The Gene Frankel Theatre : 24 Bond Street
Open: 10/19/14- Close: 10/19/14 Any Size Mirror is a Dictator
Any Size Mirror is a Dictator is 156 hours of new music and text entwined with task-based choreography. Transposing ideation directly into performance as learning processes, decision-making procedures, and theory-to-form actualizations, Any Size Mirror is a Dictator is a structure about structures. The work is accompanied by a Book containing scores, systems, and notes.

The space is de-hierarchized; audiences are free to come and go and to roam the gallery over the course of each 6-hour performance. Two teams of performers work towards construction of each live performance. The first team, a “rehearsive” cast of performers, uses the opera Book, 41+ fragments and memorized choreographic tasks, text, and through-written music.

See Web Site for Details : Varied
Open: 12/19/15- Close: 12/20/15 blah blah blah

Magic Show"

SmartTix Sample Venue : 312 West 36th Street
Open: 12/19/15- Close: 12/20/15 blah blah blah

Magic Show"

Acts/Attractions.Magic Show

SmartTix Sample Venue : 312 West 36th Street
Center for Communication and Kumble Theater present:
Meet Michael Weber, Co-screenwriter of The Fault in Our Stars

September 23 ~ Tuesday ~ 6:30PM – 8PM

Hear from Michael H. Weber, half of the young screenwriting team behind this summer’s huge hit, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Weber and his writing partner Scott Neustadter faced the challenge of adapting John Green’s wildly popular bestselling novel into a movie. While readers took a break from the emotional roller-coaster of Green’s book, Weber and Neustadter were at work adapting a screenplay to keep readers, and everyone else, engaged for two hours. Find out how they made the leap from page to screen, what it takes to turn a novel into a film, and the pros and cons of writing with a partner.

Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts : 1 University Plaza
Open: 09/19/14- Close: 09/21/14 DOGFIGHT
 Dogfight is a new musical written by TONY Nominees Benj Pasek & Justin Paul (A Christmas Story) with a book by Peter Duchan -- based on the blockbuster 1991 Warner Bros. film starring River Phoenix and Lili Taylor; screenplay written by Bob Comfort. 

Dogfight chronicles a final “boys’ night out” for three Marines on November 21, 1963; the eve of their deployment to a growing conflict in Southeast Asia (Vietnam). The Marines plan for a night of debauchery, partying and maybe a little trouble. When Corporal Eddie Birdlace meets Rose, an awkward and idealistic waitress; he wages a cruel bet with his fellow recruits. However, Rose rewrites the rules of the game and teaches Eddie the power of compassion.

White Plains Performing Arts Center : 11 City Place
Open: 10/14/14- Close: 10/18/14 Gotham Chamber Opera presents Alexandre bis & Comedy on the Bridge
Gotham Chamber Opera, in collaboration with the Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College, presents a double bill of Alexandre bis & Comedy on the Bridge, both by Bohuslav Martinů, from October 14 – 18, 2014 at Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College, 524 W. 59th Street
NYC.  Performances:  Opening Night gala on Tuesday at 7:30pm; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30pm.  Tickets are $30-$175 and are available online at, by phone at (212) 279-4200, or in person at 416 W. 42nd Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues) in the lobby of Playwrights Horizons.


Alexandre bis & Comedy on the Bridge features music by Bohuslav Martinů with Neal Goren, conductor; James Marvel, stage director; Cameron

Gerald W Lynch Theatre at JJ : 899 10th Ave
Open: 12/12/14- Close: 12/20/14 The Nutcracker - Face To Face Series
Whether a family tradition or discovering the magic of ballet for the first time, this extraordinary experience will evoke joy and stay with you forever. The Face to Face series affords the audience a close-up to the performers in the intimacy of our studios. GOES ON SALE IN JUNE 2014

Performance Art"

Acts/Attractions.Performance Art

City Center Studios : 130 West 56th Street
Open: 12/31/15- Close: 12/31/15 package package

Dance Class"

SmartTix Sample Venue : 312 West 36th Street
Open: 10/10/14- Close: 10/25/14 SWEET, SWEET SPIRIT
A West Texas matriarch is enraged by the news that her gay grandson has been the victim of a hate crime committed by his own father. As the boy battles for his life, the family must come together and decide who among them is best to care for this child and what place can they find for him in their world.

“Carol Carpenter is one of the most promising Southern female voices of our generation and we are honored to be presenting such a brave story on our stage. This will also be the fifth show we bring to The Theater at The 14th Street Y, a true theatrical hub for the creatively brave.” - shares Co-Artistic Director Antonio Minino.

The Theater at the 14th Street Y : 344 East 14th Street (between 1st a
Open: 09/27/14- Close: 09/27/14 THE 6TH ANNUAL KINGDOM CHOICE AWARDS

Kingdomtime Entertainment presents:
The 6th Annual Kingdom Choice Awards

September 27 ~ Saturday ~ 7PM

Kingdom Time Entertainment is excited to present the 6th annual Kingdom Choice Awards. The KCA is now being branded as the nations official award show for Christian Hip Hop and Urban Gospel music. 16 categories consisting of over 50 nominees will be presented in true award show style. There will be live performances by some of the hottest artists in the nation. The KCA is not just an event, it's an experience that is nothing short of amazing! The 2014 honorary recipient will be Grammy nominated CHH veteran, Emmanuel 'Da Truth' Lambert. This event is not to be missed!

Promo video link: http://youtu.

Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts : 1 University Plaza
Open: 09/25/14- Close: 09/26/14 THE DEFINITIVE LOSER'S GUIDE TO WINNING
Cloud Nine Productions and Kumble Theater present:
Written and performed by Dui Jarrod

September 25 ~ Thursday ~ 7PM
September 26 ~ Friday ~ 7PM
The Definitive Loser’s Guide To Winning is the hilarious, soul-baring, new play from writer Dui Jarrod. The one man show tells the story of the ups and down’s, tragedies and triumphs of a writer trying to find his voice. Journeying from his humble Arkansas roots to his present-day abode of Brooklyn, The Definitive Loser’s Guide To Winning gives a first-hand account of stories that have carried this emerging writer from pain and doubt, to self-discovery and introduces you to some of the losers Dui has met along the way.

Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts : 1 University Plaza
The Third Annual BEAT Festival in association with Kumble Theater present:
Draw the Circle - Written & performed by Mashuq Deen
Directed by Chay Yew

September 17 ~ Wednesday ~ 7:30PM

Draw the Circle is the hilarious and moving story of how a conservative Muslim family deals with a child who defies their most basic expectations of what it means to have a daughter - and one woman's commitment to unconditional love. Told entirely from the point of view of family and friends, yet it’s creatively performed by Deen himself. This unique show compassionately brings to life the often ignored struggle of a transgender individual's family.  

Mashuq Deen is an award-winning Brooklyn-based theater artist.

Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts : 1 University Plaza
Open: 09/19/14- Close: 10/11/14 THE TWELFTH LABOR
Steeped in the epic realism of O’Neill, yet stylistically unique, The Twelfth Labor tells the story of a family struggling to survive at any cost. Esther, bereft of her husband, struggles mightily to keep her family afloat as they await their father’s return from the war. When her mentally handicapped daughter, Cleo, becomes pregnant Esther is forced to make a series of difficult decisions.

Through Cleo’s fragmented memories, prophetic dreams, and swirling language, we begin to understand the price she and her family have paid for a little dignity. All while they await the return of their long absent father, lost in the war, half a world away.

“The Twelfth Labor is based on my family’s history.

Gene Frankel Theater : 24 Bond Street