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Open: 02/27/16- Close: 03/16/16 AVENUE OF WONDER
This winter, renowned Russian stage director Aleksey Burago brings to life the dark humor of Nikolai Gogol in Avenue of Wonder. One evening, while strolling along Nevsky Prospekt, the central avenue that remains to this day the main artery of St. Petersburg, a distraught artist and a brazen lieutenant encounter a mysterious prostitute and a young housewife. In their separate pursuits of the women through the labyrinths of side streets, courtyards and winding staircases, both men come to realize all is not what it seems on the glittery avenue. As the rational plane of life slant beneath their feet, these comic and self-deluding characters soon discover that between everything ordinary there is a crack and deep in the shadows, peering up, are the maddening fantasies of the human soul.
The Balcony Theater at West-Park Presbyt : 165 West 86th Street
Open: 02/16/16- Close: 03/03/16 C.S.I: Mayberry - An Unauthorized Parody
In this farcical mash-up of "CSI: Miami" and "The Andy Griffith Show", we find a gruesome string of murders happening in Mayberry. It’s up to Andy and Barney to find out who the killer is from a list of familiar faces. Is it Aunt Bee? Floyd the Barber? Otis the Drunk? Or someone else all together...? Playwright and director Genny Yosco thought of this show with her production company partner, Chris Weigandt, while they were punchy and exhausted after directing a children’s show, so that should tell you how ridiculous her career is. Most recently, her theater company, Sour Grapes Productions, produced her original show, A Fifth Dimension: An Unauthorized Twilight Zone Parody (which she also directed and acted in) to a sold-out audience this past New Year’s Eve. "CSI: Mayberry - An Unauthorized Parody" will be performing at the 10th Annual FRIGID Festival.
Kraine Theater : 85 East 4th Street
Open: 02/16/16- Close: 03/04/16 CHALK (A SILENT COMEDY.)
FRIGID New York presents: CHALK (a silent comedy.)
Created & Performed by Alex Curtis*

CHALK is a hilarious and unexpected one-man show that’s guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages. Chalk invites audiences into a hand-drawn world where imagination is made real and anything can happen. As the world grows before the audience’s eyes, performer and audience alike are swept into a fantastical adventure!

Created and performed by Alex Curtis, Chalk is a one-man piece of physical theater / clown that runs approximately 40 minutes. Inspired by the work of classic silent film era comedians, Chalk is both playful and touching. Charlie Chaplin meets Harold and the Purple Crayon in this romantic romp sure to “Draw You In.”

About the Company: FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade
FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade is a theater development group with a focus on new work that

The Kraine Theater : 85 E. 4th Street
Open: 01/30/16- Close: 02/21/16 Chatting With The Tea Party
Chatting With The Tea Party, a documentary-style play by playwright Rich Orloff (Funny as a Crutch), based on interviews he conducted with leaders of Tea Party groups around the country, will have its world premiere and begin performances at The Robert Moss Theater (440 Lafayette Street) on Saturday, January 30th. Directed by four-time Carbonell Award winner Lynnette Barkley, the play will open on Monday, February 1st. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased online at From the writer known for his journalistic curiosity and a gift for comedic dialogue comes CHATTING WITH THE TEA PARTY – a play about the people behind the politics. Rich Orloff, a New York liberal playwright travels across the country, interviewing the Tea Party leaders in search of the answer to the question: “Who are these people?” Armed with a notebook full of facts, an open

Robert Moss Theater @ 440 Studios : 440 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor
Open: 02/19/16- Close: 03/04/16 CLENCHED
Struck by a mystery illness, David receives doctor's orders to relax: something he's incapable of doing. Desperate to conquer his debilitating tension, David dives into a spiraling monologue, a farce that audiences will find familiar, funny, and delightfully weird.

Presented as part of the FRIGID New York festival.

Under St. Marks : 94 St. Mark's Place
Open: 03/05/16- Close: 04/09/16 DOUBLE FALSEHOOD
Double Falsehood follows two brave female protagonists, Violante and Leonora, and two contrasting leading men, Julio of honorable and modest birth, and Henriquez an aristocratic villain. The story starts with Henriquez, heir to the Duke Angelo of Spain, as he exploits his social privilege to scheme his way around beautiful women, greedy fathers and honorable brotherhoods, resulting in a disturbing yet enlightening tale of self-repentance and discovery within family, honor, madness, lust and relationships.

“I’ve directed much of the Shakespeare canon so digging into this new text for the year has been thrilling. The female characters of Violante and Leonora have a depth of wisdom and intelligence about the dreadful double standards young women face that rings too clearly now.

The Irondale Center : 85 South Oxford
Open: 02/17/16- Close: 03/06/16 Emily Dickinson: Paranormal Investigator - presented by PowerOut and FRIGID New York
Meet Emily Dickinson, Paranormal Investigator! It's 1849 and New York is a gritty, grimy city filled with ghosts, ghouls, and irresponsible transcendentalists. After a string of curious incidents Emily Dickinson, New England's premiere paranormal investigator, and her estranged mentor Edgar Allan Poe are on the case! Armed with esoteric knowledge and brass knuckles—not to mention a strong grasp on both blank and metered verse—they venture to Brooklyn on the trail of a horrifying new adversary. Emily Dickinson: Paranormal Investigator is an ahistorical romp through poetry and Americana with ghosts, ghouls, and more! Part of the 2016 FRIGID New York Festival.
Kraine Theater : 85 East 4th Street
Open: 03/05/16- Close: 05/14/16 Gary Busey's One-man Hamlet As Performed By David Carl
In 400 years of Shakespeare, there’s never been a night of Bard on the boards quite like Gary Busey’s One-Man Hamlet as Performed by David Carl. The 2015 Edinburgh Fringe hit hailed by critics as “pant-soilingly hysterical” (British Theatre Guide) comes to NYC’s PIT Loft for a two-month run, March 5-May 14, before heading to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater as part of their year-long Shakespeare 400 celebration.

As Shakespearean actor, puppeteer, singer and action-movie director, Gary Busey (played by New York actor-writer David Carl) performs each scene of Hamlet his way, with occasional detours into great Busey moments from Buddy Holly and Lethal Weapon. The heady mix of high and low-brow comedy celebrates Shakespeare’s classic by using it to reflect upon the jaded, celebrity-crazed,

PIT LOFT : 154 W 29th St
Open: 10/30/15- Close: Open Run Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me
NOW EXTENDED THROUGH OCTOBER 12TH!! Laugh as you relate to LJ in Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me, an upbeat musical depicting the hurtful yet insightful journey of a young gay man's life. Transitioning from his world of dysfunctional family to a family of friends who cure his debilitating one man show disease, LJ's journey of self discovery comes alive with a hilarious use of pop culture, that leaves you ready to embrace what it takes to let go and enjoy this life.
@the cell : 338 W 23rd Street
Open: 02/29/16- Close: 02/29/16 Penny Penniworth
The Off-Broadway Hit & New York Times Critic Pick Returns To The Stage For A One Night Only Benefit Performance For Emerging Artists Theatre!

PENNY PENNIWORTH is Charles Dickens' "lost" epic as mounted by a short-staffed theatre troupe with Royal Shakespeare Company aspirations. Set in Victorian England, it tells the story of young Penny Penniworth whose childhood love is driven out of town after nearly killing a wealthy businessman. Soon, Penny finds herself penniless, left alone to make her way through a convoluted maze of strange relationships, anonymous benefactors and ultimate justice.

This 70 minute farce features Christopher Borg, Jamie Heinlein, Lee Kaplan, and Ellen Reilly.

TADA! Theater : 15 W 28th St, 2nd Fl
Open: 02/18/16- Close: 03/05/16 The Golden Smile
Laugh till you drop at the heartwarming, yet highly ludicrous, comedy about a group of five mental patients who must band together and put on a play in order to save their precious Rec Room. But the pressure gets high when creative differences cause rifts between the group. What follows is hilarious, not to mention vulgar, attempts to fix it.
Kraine Theater : 85 East 4th Street