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Open: 08/31/15- Close: 09/30/15 Africa My Beautiful
What happens when two extraordinary singer/performers from Africa come together for an exploration of music and story telling? "Africa My Beautiful" - an evening of story and song, with South African born Olivier and Obie Award-winner Thuli Dumakude, and Tanyaradzwa Tawenga “a suburban kid from Zimbabwe.” In Africa My Beautiful, two African women - through story telling, personal reminiscence and music of traditional, classical and contemporary genres, and dance - capture a half-century of change as they each learn about the other's world.
The Playroom Theater : 151 W. 46th St.
Open: 09/01/15- Close: 09/06/15 THE (NEW) TRIAL
"The (New) Trial," adapted from Peter Weiss’s same titled play, presents a surreal look at the life of Joseph K, an attorney in an international corporation that explores K’s obsessive idealism and his self-destructive methodology in helping others. Confined in his own docile body, K is manipulated as the public mask for the corporation to win the “war” current global market expansion competition, and eventually is abandoned by the corporation once the victory is obtained.

"The (New) Trial" attempts to deconstruct the docile nature of the self and the hierarchical power relations among the characters of the play, hoping to stimulate changes to the society. To manifest this essential concept, actors will explore power dynamics among different characters, and will break the fourth wall to share their real life experience of being an actor with monologues.

Theater for the New City : 155 First Avenue