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Open: 01/18/17- Close: 02/05/17 BABEL
BABEL is a physical spectacle that reinvents one of the oldest stories in the world: The Tower of Babel, told through Acrobatic Dance Theater.  It calls upon diverse perspectives of the story to reveal ambition, grief, and healing within the complexity of the human condition.


The company of 22 powerful dancers build the world of the play, a sculpture garden of bodies. Sitting in three quarter round, the audience is immersed in the tower where performers climb, fly and play--building it so high that it offends the gods. The tower is destroyed, the people divided, and given separate languages so that they cannot collaborate to build again. Conflict separates humanity--yet they persevere and continue to build together despite the challenges of communication and identity.

The Theater at the 14th Street Y : 344 East 14th Street (between 1st a
Open: 01/21/17- Close: 01/22/17 Fresh Grind Festival - Thank You Notes: Headed to Heaven W/ Flat Jimmy Fallon & An Unexpected Thing
Thank You Notes: Headed to Heaven W/ Flat Jimmy Fallon 
Written by Vicki Vodrey 
Directed by Jessica Ryan 

After deciding life was too unbearable to continue, Angela put a bullet through her head. Her will included three requests: First, she wanted to be buried with her dog. Next, her cardboard cut-out of The Tonight Show’s host Jimmy Fallon had to rest by her side for the rest of eternity.  And the third wish – that her twin brother, Ethan, gives her eulogy by reading the handwritten notes that she left behind, all of which have been conceived in the format of Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes” segment. As Ethan goes through each letter, Angela takes us through the hilarious, touching, and ultimately shocking journey of her life.

THEATERLAB : 357 W36th street
Open: 01/18/17- Close: 01/22/17 Fresh Grind Festival - Tutus & Flat Fish
Written by Natalie Margolin 
Directed by Alyssa White

This is a play about a girl who poops in her tutu during her first ballet recital. Tutus explores how we process our experiences, reminding us how important it is to laugh when things feel tragic, and questioning what happens when there's no room for laughter anymore. 

Flat Fish 
Written by Sean Dunnington 
Directed by Jenna Spiwack 

When Willy goes missing, his older sister Jill goes on a quest to bring him home. By reading the journal he left behind, Jill comes to understand her brother's misguided search for love--and, ultimately, uncovers not only the answers that Willy has been looking for, but makes unprecedented discoveries about herself.

THEATERLAB : 357 W36th street
Open: 01/18/17- Close: 02/08/17 KEEPING MY KIDNEYS
Mindy Raf brings Keeping My Kidneys back to The PIT Loft. The limited run will play January 18th & February 8th and is directed by Tara Elliott

Brooklyn based writer, performer, and published author, Mindy Raf has performed stand-up all over the country with notable performances at the Women in Comedy Festival (Boston), NY Funny Songs Fest, SketchFest NYC, and Bridgetown Comedy Festival (Portland, OR). In New York, she performs regularly at The Peoples Improv Theater, Dixon Place, QED, and Upright Citizens Brigade. In addition, Raf writes for several websites and TV shows including MTV’s Girl Code, VH1, College Humor, TNT, Lifetime, and was a contributor to the My Parents Were Awesome anthology (Random House).

PIT LOFT : 154 W 29th St
Open: 01/19/17- Close: 01/22/17 THE SUMMONING
Circe and Morgan are college roommates, and tonight they're planning something strange. All they need to set their dangerous plan in motion is that final touch: a virgin vessel. Enter Lily, the last virgin on campus...

Written by Charlotte Ahlin
Directed by Emily Lyon
Produced by Fat Knight Theatre 
Part of the Winterfest Theater Festival Competition 2017

The cast features Charlotte Ahlin, Danielle Cohn, and Jacque Emord-Netzley.

Hudson Guild Theatre : 441 W, 26th Street
Open: 01/20/17- Close: 03/18/17 Wild Women of Planet Wongo
The 60’s sci-fi immersive musical comedy Wild Women of Planet Wongo will extend its run for a second time, at the Lower East Side’s Parkside Lounge through March 2017 and will be the venue’s featured weekend performance.

We’re thrilled to have Wild Women of Planet Wongo back in 2017.  It’s been a blast watching them pack the room every week and we’re really excited about Wongo taking over as our featured weekend performance.  The journey to Planet Wongo is truly a fun, sexy, bizarre ride and we’re just lucky to be on board.”  Parkside Lounge, Chris Lee.   

Wild Women of Planet Wongo, the wacky B-movie inspired sci-fi comedy about two astronauts that land on a planet of beautiful warrior women who have never seen men, is

Parkside Lounge : 317 E. HOUSTON ST