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Open: 08/31/14- Close: 09/06/14 Daughter Of The Waves
The year is 1941. The war in Europe rages on. The Location: A windswept beach in neutral Ireland where a traveling theater troupe has smuggled in Jewish refugees from war torn Europe. As the aerialists, acrobats, contortionists, and singers prepare to mount a new production, the circus' shining star has fallen silent, the frequently drunk clown has disappeared into the night, insomniac ballerinas scan the waves for hidden German U-boats, and a shadowy presence keeps turning on the wireless radio. DAUGHTER OF THE WAVES tells the true untold story of Jewish refugees learning to survive in a new world. DAUGHTER OF THE WAVES examines the struggle of 'otherness' through the tale of the Selkie myth - a man who transforms for the love a girl and pays with his life.

Theater For The New City : 155 First Avenue
Open: 09/03/14- Close: 09/03/14 JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, WHATEVER
Holy shit, you guys. Summer is waning! Let Cocoon Central Dance Team be your final hoorah at sleep away camp in this dance recital interweaving video and choreography. June, July, August, Whatever is an absurd ode to reckless bliss in the hyper-earnest talent show style of CCDT.

This show comes to you as part of Ars Nova’s Showgasm Spotlight series, designed to give artists working in the same adventurous vein as Ars Nova’s monthly variety show, Showgasm a chance to try out a full-length evening of work in front

Ars Nova : 511 West 54th Street
Open: 08/30/14- Close: 09/13/14 The Making Of A Team
In 1938, the chances for an African American to play major league baseball was impossible. Being draft for the Negro baseball league was not only an honor but a way out of financial dispair.  But what risks would a group of men take to play with the Negro Baseball League?  Find out in "The Making of a Team".  

Drama League Studio Lab : 32 Avenue of the Americas